Colon Cleanse

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While everyone is familiar with the terms air and water pollution, many people don’t consider that the body becomes polluted as well. Toxic chemicals from the foods we eat, the air we breathe and even the water we drink accumulate in the body and do damage. Here in this article I will explain you how to colon cleanse your body with Pure Colon Detox.

Years of ingesting preservatives, chemicals, trans fats and other things such as refined sugars are putting our colons in a state of crisis. Colon toxicity can be the cause of a long list of health problems such as hypertension, allergies, arthritis, hypoglycemia, backaches and even prostate problems.

The colon or large intestine is a very vital part of the human digestive system. Food is first digested in the small intestine and then passed down to the colon. The colon then does it’s job to separate the nutrients and water from the digested food that are crucial to a healthy body. The rest is eliminated as waste.

When the colon is overloaded with toxins, it protects itself by creating more mucus than normal. This extra mucus combines with a sludge that is created by the toxins and the colon becomes congested. Eventually this congestion builds up and becomes hard. Your colon is no longer able to supply your body with vital nutrients or properly eliminate waste.

One of the most important jobs and biggest challenge our bodies have is the elimination of toxins and the removal of waste. Congestion can either cause your colon to stretch and swell or prolapse. It can also cause diverticula, a illness in which the pouches found along the wall of the intestine become infected.  This can easily be avoided with the help of Pure Colon Detox.

The job performed by the colon affects every part of the body. Toxins that can’t be eliminated get released into the blood stream and accumulate in the bodies tissues, cells and organs such as the brain and liver.

In recent years the importance of colon detoxification has became more publicized. Almost everyone has at least heard of the process and many people have already benefited from the results of cleansing the colon of toxic congestion.

Detoxification is a technique that clears toxins, congestion and excess mucus from the colon that have built up over the years. Even a thin layer of this build up can weaken your system and make you more susceptible to illness and disease.

There are some simple signs that your colon needs to be detoxified. The symptoms include frequent headaches, fatigue, bloating and excess gas, constipation and an inability to properly digest food. A congested colon can even cause skin problems, bad breath and mood swings!

Everyone knows how uncomfortable and sometimes painful constipation can be. But, few people realize how detrimental frequent constipation can be on the body. The slow removal of waste filled with toxins allows more toxins to be absorbed into the body and puts you at a higher risk of disease.

Proper bowel movements are literally the basis of good health. And, while our diets have certainly changed to include refined sugar, higher trans fats and even meats that are filled with hormones, our colons haven’t changed to meet the demands.

In the United States alone, colon cancer has reached the second leading cause of deaths from cancer. Some factors that contribute to colon cancer simply can’t be avoided. But, chemicals known as carcinogens in the bowels are believed to greatly increase your risk.

There are several ways to do a colon detoxification including enemas. But, besides being very uncomfortable, an enema can’t cleanse the entire colon. Enemas are only able to reach the first few inches and the rest of the colon remains congested.

Another method of detoxification is Pure Colon Detox, commonly called a colonic. This method is usually performed by a professional and much like an enema, involves filling the colon with water. The waste is then directed into a line that empties into a container or bag.

Colonic irrigation, or hydrotherapy isn’t a modern technique! Although it’s received more publicity in recent years, it’s actually been used since around 1500 B.C. Even then the importance of detoxification was recognized!

The most popular method of colon detoxification is by the use of herbal supplements. They are also the most effective and the safest of all the other methods used. The herbal supplements can be purchased in either tablet or powder form and are simply taken orally or mixed with water or juice.

Often the regiment involves several herbal supplements and fasting for a few days. When done properly, the process can take anywhere from as little as 3 weeks to as long as several months. The length of time will depend on how badly congested the colon has became over the years.

The special herbs used during detoxification will provide necessary benefits such as killing parasites, adding digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria to the body. They will also contain ingredients that will stimulate organs such as the intestines, gallbladder and liver.

You might be surprised to know that the typical diet leaves your colon filled with approximately eight meals worth of waste material and undigested food! Amounts vary, but you can literally lose up to 20 pounds of waste with a good colon detoxification treatment!

It has been said that death begins in the colon! If this is true then life could begin in a clean, detoxified colon! Many of the health problems that you deal with on a daily basis can be rectified through detoxification. You’ll feel better, be healthier and even have a lot more energy!


Cleanse Your Body of All Those Unwanted Toxins!

Are you sick of feeling unhealthy? This could be due to your diet and the accumulated toxins your digestive system has built up over the years. Unwanted waste or toxins can lead to a number of side effects such as reduced energy or bloating. Pure Colon Detox is the cure to your problem!

Pure Colon Detox is 100% all natural making it completely safe! This revolutionary product is guaranteed to blow your mind when you see what just a little patch can remove from your body.


How Does Pure Colon Detox Work?

This miracle patch works simply by sticking it on the bottom of your foot. To make Pure Colon Detox the most effective you should avoid the use of alcohol or eating things such as white bread, sugar, or saturated fatty acids. Use of these things will not bring adverse side-effects, it is just a suggestion to maximize Pure Colon Detox’s ability to cleanse your body. Eating healthy and drinking the correct liquids will also give you an advantage at cleansing and detoxifying your body! The Pure Colon Detox Patch simply gets put on your foot at night for a cycle of six weeks.


Benefits of Pure Colon Detox Include:

Increased Energy

Healthier Digestive System

Feel Healthier

Reduced Bloating or Constipation


Where Can You Get Pure Colon Detox?

Are you ready to take control of your health again? Rid your body of all that unwanted waste that has been sitting in your digestive system. Pure Colon Detox is better than any other detox so supplies are going fast! Make sure you take advantage of this amazing deal. Order your risk-free trial today!


Other Benefits:

* Retards Ageing – Boosts I.S.
* Lowers cholesterol in the blood.
* Reduces blood sugar levels, to restore the pancreas functions. 
* Lowers blood lipids & stabilises red cell membrane
*Prevents thrombogenesis
*Improves function of adrenal glands
*Prevents senility
*Prevents organ degeneration
*Lowers side-effects of anti-hypertensive drugs
*Prevents Allergies – by antigens
*Strengthens & calms nerves
*Has been used after radiation & chemotherapy
*Has anti-viral capability
*May treat & prevent cancer & inhibits cancer cell metastases


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Nootropics are a class of drugs that are also referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro enhancers, cognitive enhancer, and intelligence enhancers. Max Synapse is also a very famous nootropics, which helps boosing your brain performance. Many nootropics are drugs, but other nootropics include dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and even foods. Nootropics are reported to improve mental functions including cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention and concentration. Nootropics were coined in 1972 by Dr. Giurega. It is derived from the words vouc nous or “mind”.

Many nootropics have been available for years, and are available without a prescription on the internet.  Nootropics are currently used to help people with cognitive difficulties including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ADHD, but more widespread use is being recommended.

Many nootropics stimulants have been used at colleges for years including methylphenidate. A recent report shows that about 7% of students use a cognitive edge in studying.

There are many different types of drugs that cause these nootropics effects. The first type is traditional herbs. This is herbal medicine that has been used for many years. Another type is recreational drugs, which have been used for many years. Racetams are a family of nootropics that increase memory. Stimulants are used because they enhance productivity. Dopaminergics increase the level of dopamine in the brain, which make one alert, attentive, and antioxidant. Others include cholinergics, GABA blockers, glutamate activators, cAMP, and serotonergics.

Nootropics are supplements that boost concentration, focus, learning ability, enhance memory, and mental performance.  As told in beginning Max Synapse is a power full nootropic supplement with One of the main functions to increase the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain. More oxygen and blood flow means that the brain gets more glucose, oxygen and nutrients—all of which are important in brain function. Researchers have also concluded many nootropics improve the connections between different functions of the brain including memory, sensory, speech and etc.

Nootropics can also increase your physical ability. When engaging to physical related activities, improved working memory is directly related to reaction time. Nootropics provides people with mental focus so they can concentrate on the workout and task they are doing. Furthermore, they increase drive and motivation, and overall clarity of mind thus leads to better performance.

The first Nootropic was created as early as 1964, it was called piracetam. Since then, other Nootropic drugs have been created such as oxiracetam, Max Synapse, honokiol, choline, phenylpiracetam and more. Piracetam is claimed to have no significant side effects along with other Nootropic drugs such as racetam, Max Synapse, aniracetam, oxiracetam, and pramiracetam. Some Nootropic drugs are known for improving certain areas. Piracetam and Max Synapse are neuroprotective, which means they protect neurons from injury and degeneration. Choline is known for giving people a cognitive boost. Racetam come in many forms: Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Pramiracetam. Though they differ in some aspect, they all share an anti-amnesiac ability and improve cognitive ability. Honokiol is perhaps one of the most different of these drugs. It improves cellular, neurological, and metabolic health. Even more impressive is that it helps support immunity and is 1,000 times more potent than Vitamin E. Honokiol also shows anti-inflammatory values during exercise.

These smart drugs aren’t new, in fact they’ve been around for years. Nootropics are a great supplement for those needing an extra something to give them an edge. Whether it’s mental ability or physical gain, the right nootropic can help improve your game.



Max Synapse (systematic name: N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester) is a synthetic molecule of Russian origin, utilized as a nootropic agent for its apparent ability to improve cognition, memory, intelligence, concentration, motivation and attention. Structurally, Max Synapse is similar to the endogenous dipeptide cycloprolyglycine.

Max Synapse has a pyrrolidone nucleus and, as such, it belongs to the racetam family of drugs. It is often compared to a member of the same family, Piracetam, which was one of the first nootropics ever developed. Comparatively to Piracetam, Max Synapse exhibits a much higher potency, i.e., the oral dose needed to produce psychostimulatory effects (10-30 mg) is significantly lower than the oral dose of Piracetam needed to induce the same benefits (4800 mg).

The half-life of Max Synapse is placed at between 30 to 60 minutes, though some studies suggest it is even shorter than this. Nevertheless, it has been shown that both Max Synapse itself and its metabolite cycloprlyglycine possess biological activity (although the latter to a lesser degree), extending the effects of Max Synapse for much longer periods than the supposed half-life.

Preclinical information

Preclinical studies of Max Synapse suggest its cognitive enhancing effects are mediated by a number of different mechanisms. These investigations have been mostly conducted in rats or mice or in tissues derived from different animal species.

Max Synapse’s action on memory and cognitive decline might be related to its stimulation of the production of nerve growth factor and brain derived neurotrophic factor. These chemicals are vital in terms of neuroplasticity and overall formation of new connections. Researchers have hypothesized that their increase is associated with chronic improvement in memory following chronic dosing of Max Synapse, as some studies in rats show. They also seem to be responsible for long-term memory enhancement.

Max Synapse’s benefits in the areas of memory, learning and cognition might also be related to its boosting effect over the production and release of Acetycholine, a neurotransmitter on which neuron communication depends and that is theoretically involved in memory formation.

In rats subject to oxidative stress, Max Synapse has demonstrated significant protective effects. Not only it is able to scavenge free radicals and fight apoptosis in brain cells, it also appears to reverse the trend of brain cell damage seen in certain cognitive disorders.

Furthermore, Max Synapse’s major metabolite appears to induce an anxiolytic effect in rodents and two animal studies have noted that Max Synapse is associated with abolishing the effects of learned helplessness in rats. This suggests that this supplement might have anxiolytic and anti-depressive actions, although this has not been thoroughly evaluated yet.

Various laboratory studies have provided evidence indicating that Max Synapse might have a role in treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
In vitro, Max Synapse appears to accelerate the fibrillization rates of α-synuclein and appeared to influence a β-sheet formation of α-synuclein. Production of β-sheet formation is generally seen as protective as alternate formations such as the oligomeric and protofibrillar species are more cytotoxic to neurons. When assessing the cytotoxicity of α-synuclein upon SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells, Max Synapse at a 1:1 ratio or ten-fold greater appeared to abolish α-synuclein-induced cytotoxicity without per se affecting viability. Additionally, Max Synapse has been found to increase immunoreactivity to Aβ amyloid in an Alzheimer’s disease mice model.

Lesser explored actions of Max Synapse include neuronal excitation, which may be related to the reported psychostimulatory sensations it induces, and interactions with the immune system, which may play a part in its effects on cognition.

Clinical Use

Max Synapse is widely promoted and prescribed in Russia and a in a number of European countries for its alleged neuroprotective effects and its ability to improve memory and learning.

One clinical trial studied Max Synapse at 20 mg over the course of 56 days of treatment in persons with cerebrovascular insufficiency, drawing the conclusion that Max Synapse at 20mg is more effective than 1200mg Piracetam in improving global MMSE scores and was effective in persons with post-traumatic cerebral insufficiency (Piracetam was only effective in those with vascular disease and not trauma patients). In terms of safety, this study showed that although both treatments were generally well tolerated there was a reported 1.8-fold less side-effects associated with 20mg Max Synapse.

In this same trial, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, apathy, and affective lability were improved in both treatment groups while further benefits were noted on mood, sleep, and wakefullness in those with cognitive ailment stemming from vascular damage.

However, there is a big general lack of human data supporting all of the other alleged benefits of Max Synapse, more specifically in healthy persons. Furthermore, the great majority of studies that have been indeed conducted is not published in English or is not available in their entirety.

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Aspire Reviews

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Aspire Reviews – No. 1 Weight Loss Choice



aspire weight lossAspire is the unanimous diet pill choice of our experts. With clinically proven ingredients for weight loss and its revolutionary three-part system it’s no surprise why serious people looking to lose weight choose Aspire.

To Try Aspire, visit or continue reading for our in-depth review.




The makers of Aspire have a reputation of producing quality natural supplements. And with Aspire Weight Loss, they’ve done it again!

Aspire’s unique three-part weight loss system is based on millions of dollars of research and clinical data. Let’s look at what the science says about these ingredients:

For example, Aspire’s formula includes the water-soluble fiber, glucomannan, a natural food additive that clinical trials have shown to increase feelings of fullness and reduce triglyceride fats and cholesterol in humans by 23%.

Clinical testing conducted in Pennsylvania has documented that another Aspire ingredient, the popular herbal extract Hoodia gordonii, can block appetite-generating hormones within the brain’s hypothalamus cortex, curbing hunger pangs.

The three-part system’s exhaustive list of ingredients also includes the plant sterol guggulsterone, a receptor antagonist designed to melt unwanted fat by stimulating the pituitary system, which in turn speeds up the metabolism. This compound works with another Aspire ingredient, Alpha-lipoic acid, a proven antioxidant that burns fat by helping your body break down sugars more quickly.

No other diet pill maker offers such a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind formula. It’s no wonder Americans are seeing such fabulous results.


According to repeat customer Ingy, Aspire simply works:

“I’ve lost 5 pounds in the first week with the help of Aspire. My energy levels have been really high and I don’t experience cravings at all during the day—even those hard to beat cravings at night.”

Aspire is the most promising diet pill we’ve reviewed—but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Laura, a working mother of two had to say:

“I’ve dropped 14 pounds and 12 inches in 7 short weeks – and I am loaded with energy during my day! They say a goal without a plan is just a wish. Thanks to Aspire, my wish is coming true!”

With proven results and a growing list of satisfied customers, Aspire is a diet pill like no other. Click here to visit the official Aspire website and get the best price on all natural Aspire.

aspire reviews


A monthly supply of Aspire can be purchased for as low as $31.24 if you select their Best Value package. Considering the quality ingredients and the value packed into every bottle, the review team agrees that this is a fantastic and affordable choice.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Aspire are so confident you’ll reach your weight-loss aspirations, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked—on used and unused products.

And unlike most diet pill companies, they honor their customer satisfaction guarantee.


Customer Service

Aspire is made by Everest Nutrition, which has an admirable “B” rating with the Better Business Bureau—better than almost every other company we’ve reviewed.


Safety & Quality

Aspire’s all natural herbal ingredients are widely considered safe and effective when taken in the recommended dosages.



Does Aspire work? Our review staff says, “Absolutely!”

Aspire Weight Loss is the best diet pill currently available. And based on customer feedback, they’re sure you’ll see significant results in just a few short weeks!

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