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Chamomile Calm

Chamomile Calms helps calm Nerves and Supports Sleep,  Relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety


Chamomile Calm Benefits

•Alleviates stress
• Provides digestive comfort
• Combats insomnia
• Relief from anxiety and nervousness
• Soothes intestinal pain
• Promotes healthy body functions
• 100 Vegetarian capsules per bottle
• USDA Certified organic
• Gluten-free and Vegan
• GMO free
• Wild harvested

Chamomile Calm- Why Use Chamomile Calm For a Calm Brain?

Traditional medicine has long prescribed chamomile for sleep. The first references for chamomile came during the world of Ancient Egypt. The founder of modern medicine, Hippocrates, referred to it in treatises dating back to 500 BC. Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks used this herb to alleviate stomach and gastrointestinal disorders, among others, including sleeplessness. Today, this herb has achieved official medicine status in over 25 countries around the world. Scientific studies show it’s an effective treatment option with anti-peptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-spasmodic properties. It also has a mild sedative effect. That is what helps sleeplessness become a thing of the past.

The critical component of chamomile that aids calm brain is chrysin. This flavone is a naturally occurring substance found in chamomile (passionflower), honeycomb, and some other plant sources. It is also an antispasmodic, which means it helps reduce muscle spasms and tension. That combination of factors makes it an effect remedy for calming brain or mind. You can brew a cup of chamomile tea about an hour before bedtime. By the time you need to turn out the lights, you will be ready to fall asleep. Taking chamomile tea over time helps relax the mind and prevent chronic sleep issues. Taking Chamomile Calmis also non-addictive.


Chamomile Calm is a natural alternative for medicine. Those that deal with chronic sleep issues often have to turn to their doctors for help. Lack of sleep can cause problems immediately with driving and concentration. However, chronic insomnia can have long term health effects on the body as well as the mind. It is imperative to take action before it starts causing those problems. Before you try using heavy sleep sedatives, it is a good idea to try natural methods. Millions around the world know they can use chamomile Calm for reducing anxiety and stress . You should try it to see if it works for you.

You can use chamomile Calm for reducing stress and enhancing mood whenever you need it. The best thing about chamomile Calm is that you can use it when you need it and not when you don’t. For chronic sleeplessness, using it regularly can help the problem go away. When you have an occasional problem with sleeplessness, taking a cup of chamomile tea can make all the difference. Chamomile is non-addictive and you can use it when you need it. That is one reason why many who look for medical alternatives keep this herbal remedy at the ready. It helps with sleeplessness as well as a myriad of other medical conditions.


Chamomile Benefits

Often used as a tea, chamomile is also potent when used as an extract and taken in capsule form. Capsules provide an easier way to get the right kind of dosage on a regular basis, and the results of this supplement are profound. Studies have shown that chamomile is one of the most calming, relaxing supplements one can use and the use of this supplement can help relieve stress, combat insomnia, reduce anxiety levels, and much more. Additionally, it can also help to combat stomach related issues. When used properly, chamomile can help soothe intestinal pain, reduce stomach pain and help aid in proper digestion.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Chamomile’s most well-known benefit is certainly its ability to help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. Studies have found that the herb contains anti-anxiety properties thanks to several chemical compounds found within it. Through the use of the supplement, those compounds are delivered to the body and as a result stress, nervousness, and anxiety are reduced. It’s often recommended by herbalists and even some doctors as a good addition to the end of a long day, and can help to provide the kind of relaxation one needs. It’s much like a natural form of Xanax or Prozac, but without the dangerous side effects those drugs can cause.

Alleviates Insomnia

Chamomile can also help to combat insomnia. It’s regularly recommended to those who need help falling asleep and when used in the evening before bed it can help ensure that one is able to get the kind of rest they need. It is effective at this whether used in capsule form or in tea form, and combined with its ability to remove stress and anxiety it stands out as one of the best options for the end of one’s day.

Relieves Indigestion and Stomach Pain

Chamomile can also provide relief to the stomach and to digestion. Those with indigestion, stomach pain, and other similar problems may benefit thanks to the herb’s ability to reduce pepsin secretion within the stomach. This can help boost the overall digestion within the stomach and deliver the relief from stomach pains that one needs.


chamomile calm
Helps Combat Gas

Chamomile can also help to alleviate gas. Those who suffer from regular or occasional gas may find that the use of this herbal remedy can help them get relief from flatulence and from stomach pain caused by gas.
The History of Chamomile

Chamomile has one of the longest and most well documented histories as an herbal remedy of any supplement on the market. Used for centuries due to its calmative effects, recent years have seen this herb undergo many additional studies to determine specifically what type of issues it can work to cure. It has been shown to have profound effects on the skin when used topically, and when used internally in capsule or tea form studies have documented its ability to provide relief from stomach issues as well as relief from stress, anxiety, and much more. As a result it’s easy to understand why chamomile has become one of the most popular and well-known herbal remedies on the market today.


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