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Probiotics Strains & Quantity

Probiotics Right Strain and Quantity is keys to effective Use

Certain strains of probiotics can contribute to the consumer some benefits for your health, but these benefits cannot be extrapolated to other strains without corresponding experimentation – so that the favourable effects of the probiotics are significant and long-lasting, it is necessary to ingest these bacteria in a way regular and continuous – colon human reside more than 200 species of bacteria and an adult person is carrying more than 1 Kg of intestinal bacteria.

probiotics strains & quantity

According to the FAO/WHO Expert Committee (the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations / World Health Organization) the probiotics are “live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, have a beneficial effect on the health of the consumer”. In the American market, there are more than 200 so-called functional foods, a term that encompasses products that have shown that, in addition to their properties, benefiting one or more functions of the organism, improve your health or welfare or reducing the risk of disease. It is above all, baby food, milk and yoghourt, juices and a very significant fraction of these foods includes probiotics.

In the food industry today, the probiotics are often included in fermented milk products, also known as fermented milk, giving them health benefits and optimal taste qualities. So a food can be considered probiotic, its microorganisms must be alive and in sufficient quantities, must be stable and viable until the expiry of the product and must be able to provide benefits to the health of the host (person who ingests them). Survival along the gastrointestinal tract of the probiotics is an important condition so that they can exercise their healthy effects, since it is in the intestine where its action is concentrated.

The principal probiotics used for human consumption are lactic acid bacteria used traditionally in fermentation food, belonging to the genera of bifidobacteria and the Lactobacilos.1 these organisms contribute to the functioning of the immune system and natural defenses, help improve the body’s resistance and promote bowel function.

However, the described effects can not be attributed equally to all products identified as “Probiotics”. The healthy action of these bacteria depends on two key concepts: strains and amounts.


Probiotics Benefits Depends On the Strains

The World Health Organization (who) has found that the benefits associated with the probiotics are strain-dependent, i.e., its effects depend on the strain used in its elaboration and its concentration in products. According to a report by the FAO/WHO Expert Committee, there are conclusive data that confirm that “certain strains of probiotics are harmless for human consumption and can bring to the consumer some benefits for your health, although these benefits cannot be extrapolated to other strains without corresponding experimentation”.

Probiotic bacteria are classified into genres, which in turn are subdivided into species and strains. Each strain is part of the DNA itself, unlike the rest of the strains and which confers specific effects. Not all products identified as “Probiotics” in the supermarket come from the same strain. Even if the enzymes used are from the same family, you will still be identical strains, and different strains have different effects. Each strain has its own profile of action; i.e. any probiotic strain will not perform all actions attributed generically to the probiotics.


Taking The Right Quantity of Probiotics is Improtant

The amount to take or eat is another big factor related to the effectiveness of the probiotics.  establishes the need to establish porcion-efecto and define the effective minimum amounts and maximum recommended to consume, taking into account the habitual consumption of foods in the diet.

So the favorable effects of the probiotics are significant and long-lasting, it is necessary to ingest these bacteria regularly and continuously, since only they pass through the intestinal tract, without becoming part of the organism of the person. Also, once we no longer consume the product, its effect will gradually disappear.

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Probiotics Strains and Quantity
Probiotics are very useful for our health. But Taking the right Strains of probiotics and the quantity you should consume is what needs to be taken care of for good resutls
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